black pillow sophie
black pillow sophie Lower case, purple scroll
black pillow caleb
black pillow caleb Lower case, primary colours
black pillow jackson
black pillow jackson Lower case, primary colours
light blue pillow thomas
light blue pillow thomas Lower case, primary colours
Ligh blue pillow william
Ligh blue pillow william Upper case, wood colours
Light blue pillow aiden
Light blue pillow aiden Lower case, dot and dash colours
Navy pillow george
Navy pillow george Lower case, dot and dash colours
Navy pillow arya
Navy pillow arya Lower case, pink flower letters
Navy pillow max
Navy pillow max Lower case, blue wave colours
Pillow pillow abigail
Pillow pillow abigail Lower case, pink and purple colours
Pink pillow lea
Pink pillow lea Lower case, purple scroll letters
Pink pillow claire
Pink pillow claire Lower case, pastel colours
Purple pillow isabel
Purple pillow isabel Lower case, bright colours
Purple pillow aubrey
Purple pillow aubrey Lower case, pink flower letters
Purple pillow lucy
Purple pillow lucy Lower case, pink and purple letters
White pillow Olivia
White pillow Olivia Lower case with capital first letter, pink and purple wave letters
White pillow emilie
White pillow emilie Lower case, purple flower letters
White pillow audrey
White pillow audrey Lower case, wave and dash colours
White pillow chloe
White pillow chloe Lower case, pink flower letters
White pillow sebastian
White pillow sebastian Lower case, primary colour letters
White pillow lily
White pillow lily Lower case, black and white fret work letters outlined in dark pink.
White pillow harper
White pillow harper Lower case, pastel colour letters
White pillow ethan
White pillow ethan Lowercase, blue circle on blue letters
White pillow ella
White pillow ella Lower case, purple daisy letters
Grey pillow paige
Grey pillow paige Lower case, mini colours
Royal blue pillow riley
Royal blue pillow riley Lower case, dot and dash colours
Grey ipillow hannah
Grey ipillow hannah Lower case letters Pink circles

A personalized pillow to celebrate a birth, a holiday, a birthday or just to have because they are soft, huggable, plush and unique.


They make a wonderful gift especially for someone with a not so commonly spelled name.  Customize a personalized pillow to match a decor or favorite colour(s).  The maximum number of letters is 9.


Choose from a plush 100% polyster micro chenille fabric in white, off white, pastel pink, pastel blue, purple, royal blue, light gray, navy or black or 100% cotton indigo denim.  The pillow covers are removable for machine washing and the pillow inserts are made of spun polyster.  The pillow fill is approximately 300 grams.


When ordering please indicate the colour of the pillow, the name in upper or lower case and the colour(s) of the letters.


Finished size is 12" x 18".