I have been sewing  and creating for as long as I can remember.  Moy Moy was created in 2005.


This all started when my daughters were young and birthday parties became a staple in our lives.  When it was my turn to celebrate a birthday, I didn't want  throwaway loot “gifts”. With my sewing and design background, I wanted to make something that was  reusable, practical, fun and different. With much thought, I decided to make a monogrammed  bag for each of the kids attending and filled it with bubble soap and sidewalk chalk. The kids and the parents loved it and were reusing it.

I decided to call my new business 'Moy Moy' because in Chinese it means’ little sister’ or ‘sister sister.’ I have two younger sisters and two daughters. I thought it was a cute name and it used my maiden name. Along the way I have found out that 'moy' in Dutch means 'beautiful' and in Suomi (Finnish) it means 'bye'.

As my kids grew older, I continued to create more items for birthday parties and/or gifts. Not everything I've designed and sewn has been a winner.  All of  the items currently on this website has  brought a smile or two to the child or parent(s). That is when I know I have succeeded.


 When you purchase an item from me, it is me who has cut it, sewn it, ironed it, packaged it etc...I want you to have a one of a kind gift.